Printable Summer Symmetry Worksheets

Printable summer symmetry worksheets

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April 1, 2023


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I remember that as a child, my summer holidays were my favorite part of the year, but sometimes I struggled to concentrate when the new school term began because I didn’t touch a single book or bother keeping my mind active during my summer break. We want our kids to relax and enjoy their summer breaks, but we also want to keep their growing minds engaged.

That’s why we’ve created some fun and interactive printable summer-themed symmetry worksheets that are easy to understand, fun to use, and will help your child develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

These printable summer-themed symmetry worksheets contain six summer-themed drawings:

  • Ice cream symmetry worksheet
  • Watermelon symmetry worksheet
  • Beach ball symmetry worksheet
  • Sun symmetry worksheet
  • Swimsuit symmetry worksheet
  • Umbrella or parasol symmetry worksheet

Symmetry is a critical math concept that teaches children to recognize and understand shapes’ symmetry and balance. Each printable worksheet features a summer-themed item on one side of the line of symmetry. Children will need to complete the other half of the picture to make it symmetrical and can use the grids to guide them with their drawings. The ice cream or popsicle worksheet, for example, features one half of an ice cream or popsicle. Children need to draw the other half to complete the delicious picture (and maybe they deserve a nice sweet cold treat after they complete these printable summer activities!).

These worksheets are perfect for parents and teachers who want to engage their children in fun and educational activities during the summer break. I find the best time to use them is by including these printable summer symmetry worksheets in a busy bag for the airplane or long car or bus ride. These summer symmetry worksheets are suitable for children of all ages, and you can even join in the fun and draw your own symmetrical pictures and compare your symmetrical summer drawings.

So, grab some crayons and get started with these exciting summer-themed symmetrical worksheets today!

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