Printable Easter Symmetry Worksheets

Printable Easter Symmetry Worksheets

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April 1, 2023


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Eggs and crosses are easy and fun for kids to draw because of how perfectly symmetrical they are, so what better way to celebrate Easter than with Easter-themed symmetry worksheets? Symmetry is an important concept for kids to learn as it helps develop their spatial reasoning skills. That’s why we’ve created 5 printable Easter symmetry worksheets as a fun way for children to practice their fine montor skills and to incorporate lessons on shapes and symmetry knowledge  in the classroom or at home.

These printable Easter-themed symmetry worksheets feature some of the most iconic symbols of the holiday, making them the perfect children’s activity for both religious and secular celebrations. Our printable Easter symmetry worksheets include:

  • Easter bunny rabbit symmetry worksheet
  • Easter egg symmetry worksheet
  • Cross symmetry worksheet
  • Easter basket symmetry worksheet
  • Easter chick symmetry worksheet

The bunny rabbit and Easter egg worksheets are great for younger children who are just starting to learn about symmetry as they feature simple shapes that are easy to recognize, making it easier for kids to understand the concept of symmetry. The cross worksheet is also great for teaching symmetry to children who are learning about the religious significance of Easter.

For older children, the Easter basket and Easter chick symmetry worksheets offer more of a challenge as they feature more complex shapes, which will help kids develop in-depth spatial reasoning skills.

How to use our Easter symmetry worksheets

All of the Easter symmetry worksheets are designed to be fun and engaging way to celebrate the Easter holiday. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this article to download the Easter symmetry worksheets, then print out the worksheets on a black and white ink printer. If your kids are new to the concept of symmetry, you can laminate the worksheets and get your students to use a washable marker to complete the Easter symmetry activities so that they can easily erase their lines and redraw them.

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