Printable Interactive Valentine’s Day Face Changing Card Template


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January 12, 2022


Lemon and Kiwi

Nothing says “I love you” like a pair of emoji heart eyes. That’s why our kids had so much fun creating these heart eyes-inspired DIY Valentine’s Day cards that have a surprise face changing element. Check out the video below of our printable interactive valentine’s day face changing card!

In this printable Valentine’s Card template, your students or children get to make their own DIY interactive Valentine’s Day card where the cute cat and adorable bear transform into animals in love. At first glance, the cat and bear just look like normal cartoon animals but when you flip the card open, the eyes on the cat and bear will turn into heart emoji eyes and the cheeky animals will stick out their tongues, too!

This printable DIY Valentine’s Card for kids is a great Valentine’s Day craft activity to keep your little ones busy in the classroom or at home. They’ll get to practice their scissor cutting skills and the end result of this interactive Valentine’s Day card will guarantee plenty of laughs as your kids watch the cat and bear’s faces change into love-struck animals.

Materials Needed For This Printable Valentine’s Day Face Changing Card

Download Printable Valentine’s Face Changing Card

Are you excited to make these surprise heart emoji face changing Valentine’s Day cards? Simply click on the button below to download the printable Valentine’s Day card template to get started now!

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