Sandwich Shop Dramatic Play Printables

Sandwich Shop Pretend Play Printables

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April 26, 2023


Lemon and Kiwi

One of my favorite way to get toddlers and preschoolers excited about learning about healthy eating habits is through dramatic play in a fake sandwich shop setting. In this article, we’re sharing our pack of sandwich shop pretend play printables so that your young children can also learn how to make and sell healthy sandwiches at their very own Sandwich Shop Dramatic Play Center!

These sandwich shop pretend play printables are easy to set up in the home or in the classroom and are perfect for an indoors rainy day activity. You can even stick the sandwich toppings and menu in a binder to carry as a travel activity for the airplane or for long road trips.

This pack of sandwich shop dramatic play printables includes all your favorite sandwich fixings (printable sandwich bread, cucumbers, lettuce, ham, bacon, tomatoes, salami, and cheese) as well as a sandwich menu or order sheet that you can print and laminate so that your students or kids can easily write down their orders, erase, and restart again if they change their minds or want to play again.

By reading the menus, writing the orders, counting the sandwich toppings, and paying for their meals, children learn valuable sorting skills as well as develop early literacy, math and social skills with this fun Sandwich Shop dramatic play game.

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