Father’s Day Do-A-Dot Printables


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May 26, 2020


Lemon Kiwi

D is for Dad. F is for Father. L is for Love. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to have your children complete these free educational and fun do-a-dot Father’s Day activities? After your toddler has peppered the pages with their colorful daubers and markers, your child can give these pages as a DIY Father’s Day gift to their dad.

This pack of free printables includes 4 super fun worksheets that teach letters and literacy (scroll down to download all the printable dot marker worksheets for free at the bottom of this page):

  • D is for Dad: Dot the alphabet ‘D’
  • F is for Father: Dot the alphabet ‘F’
  • Sight word search for the word
  • ‘Dad’ Dot the word ‘Dad’
Ice Cream Scented Dot Markers

How To Use Father’s Day Do-A-Dot Worksheets

To use these worksheets, you’ll need to have a set of colorful daubers or bingo markers ready. Do-A-Dot markers can be found at your neighborhood Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, and Target. If you don’t live near one of these stores, you can easily get a set online:

Download Free Father’s Day Do-A-Dot Printables

Simply click on the button below to download our set of free Father’s Day dot marker activities:

If your kiddos haven’t had enough fun with these free father’s day do-a-dot printables, then be sure to download these 100+ free do-a-dot printable activities for children to get do-a-dot coloring pages, alphabet do-a-dot worksheets, math do-a-dot printables, and sight words do-a-dot activities. For thousands more Do-A-Dot ideas and activities, you can follow Lemon & Kiwi’s Do-A-Dot Pinterest Board.

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