6 Cereal Learning Crafts for Preschoolers

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June 3, 2020


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Kids love to eat and play with cereal – and let’s face it, adults love it too. There are lots of fun and creative ways to use cereal for DIY cereal craft projects, but in this article we’re focusing on 6 of our favorite cereal crafts for preschoolers that have literacy and math learning outcomes. Using Alpha-Bits, Froot Loops, Cheerios, Trix, or whatever your child’s favorite cereal is, these 6 cereal crafts will help your kiddos improve their alphabet recognition, spelling, color sorting, counting, and basic addition skills.

  1. Do-A-Dot Cereal Activities
  2. Sort the Cereal by Color
  3. Alpha-Bits: Letter Match Game
  4. Finish the Word Alpha-Bits Game
  5. Roll & Count the Cereal
  6. Rainbow Name

Do-A-Dot Cereal Activity

People often have the misconception that they have to use bingo markers and Do-A-Dot daubers for do-a-dot worksheets. But that’s not the case at all! You can get really creative by using any range of small and colorful materials and one of my personal favorites is to use Cheerios or Froot Loops, whether it’s for counting do-a-dot worksheets or for spotting letters in alphabet do-a-dot printables.

Sort By Color Cereal Game

Cereal Color Sorting Mat

Having colorful cereal isn’t only fun for kids, it’s also a great way to introduce color recognition, sorting skills, and fine motor skills from an early age. The best cereal to use for color recognition games are Froot Loops and Trix (preferably the original ball shapes, not the fruit shapes). You can get your children to sort the cereal by their colors into different muffin tins, colored cups, or onto different strips of colored paper.

Cereal Color Sorting Mat
Cereal Color Sorting Mat

Click on the button below to download this printable cereal color sorting matfor free below for your color sorting game:

Alpha-Bits: Letter Match Game

Using Alpha-Bits for learning activities is an absolute no-brainer. Alpha-Bits cereal are perfect for teaching little ones their ABC’s, and a simple way to get started is to play a letter matching game. You can ask your child to match the same cereal letters, or sort them according to alphabet magnets or letters that you write for them on paper. If your kid doesn’t like eating Alpha-Bits, you can use alternative edible letters like alphabet biscuits and alphabet pasta. For more alphabet matching and letter recognition activities, free literacy activities for kids.

Finish the Word Alpha-Bits Game

Cereal Spelling Game

Older preschoolers and elementary students who are learning to spell can play a more advanced game using Alpha-Bits to finish the word, where your child has to complete the word by putting the correct cereal letter in the blanks. Just like with the letter matching game above, feel free to use alternatives to Alpha-Bits such as letter magnets, letter blocks, Scrabble pieces, alphabet biscuits and alphabet pasta. To get free finish-the-word printables, head on over to download our collection of free literacy worksheets for children.

Roll & Count the Cereal

Roll and Count Cereal Game

I love playing this game with my own preschoolers as it’s such an easy and fun way to help them practice their counting skills. Get a pair of dice (or make your own DIY paper dice), take turns to roll the dice, and get your preschoolers to count the corresponding number of cereal. You can also specify colors by saying things like “Collect 5 red Froot Loops and 8 green Froot Loops” so that your child can learn color recognition and basic addition skills too.

Rainbow Name

Cereal Spelling Name Game

Kids will love spelling out their rainbow names using colorful cereal like Froot Loops. If your child is just learning their alphabets, write or print their names for them on paper first so they can follow the outlines to create their rainbow cereal names. How about spelling mom and dad’s names too? Get our free personalized letter tracing book to get custom letter tracing worksheets so your child can practice their handwriting skills and learn how to spell the names of all family members (pets included!).

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