45 Valentine’s Day Greetings That Will Make Your Crush Smile


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January 26, 2022


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Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th every year, is an excellent opportunity to express how you’re feeling to your crush, partner, spouse, and even your friends. Although you might be looking for the perfect gift to express your sentiments, nothing aptly describes how you feel better than a few well-chosen Valentine’s Day greetings. 

Sending your secret crush a beautifully written card is the sweetest way to reveal how you feel about them. Whether you’re going for a punny and humorous Valentine’s Day greeting, a naughty or cheeky Valentine’s Day message, or an old school romantic Valentine’s Day note, using our list of Valentine’s love greetings is your golden opportunity to let your crush in on what you’re hiding.

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! Here are 45 love greetings that will surely make your crush blush and smile.

Valentine’s Day Greetings For Everyone

  1. Your love motivates me to be a better person every day!
  2. Each Day brings new surprises and blessings with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!
  3. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet. But not more than you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest person in the world.
  4. There’s no one I feel comfortable farting in front of more than you. 
  5.  If your love was an anti-wrinkle cream, I’d be the youngest-looking person in the next twenty years. Wanna be my soulmate?
  6. How do I love thee? Let me count the number of ways. One, two, three, to infinity! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. You’re my ‘I feel like binge-watching Friends’ partner. Let’s do that together on Valentine’s Day! 
  8. The sight of you makes me feel so hot that I don’t need the heater on all the time. Let’s share the warmth this Valentine’s Day. 
  9. I prayed my whole life for a partner like you. What took you so long? Happy Friggin’ Valentine’s Day!
  10. Everyone out there smells. You happen to smell a lot less. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  11. I love you more than chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  12. You’re sweet like a banana because I’ve got peel-ings for you! 
  13.  Every time you fart in your sleep, I fall in love with you all over again (because yours stinks less than mine!).
  14. If loving you gives me such good sleep, then I definitely don’t want to wake up. 
  15. I choose you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  16. I will always love you watts and watts! Have a bright Valentine’s Day! 
  17. Your love gives me a lot of shocks. Wishing you an electrifying day of love!
  18. Your love makes me want to run thirty extra minutes on the elliptical trainer! Happy V-v-v-v-valentine’s Day!
  19. You’re the best prescription for my love-sick heart. Come and heal me, Valentine.
  20. I found heaven in your embrace. Let’s share a few hugs this Valentine’s Day! 
  21. If love were a cookie, you’d be an Oreo. Chocolatey on the outside and creamy on the inside. Let’s share some together this Valentine’s Day!
  22. Some people look for love on dating sites, I found it in a pair of bright, blue eyes! 
  23. When I think of you, I forget how to reed and rite. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  24. There’s no one I’d rather sit and do nothing with than you. Let’s do nothing this Valentine’s Day.
  25. You’re the antacid to my heartburn. Won’t you help settle my tummy this Valentine’s Day?
  26. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day with you!
  27. You’re the Yin to my Yang. Let’s get together this Valentine’s Day!
  28. I never knew the true meaning of friendship ‘till I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  29. I’m looking for a co-captain on Team Us. Would you like to join?
  30. When God made you, He stopped making perfection! 
  31. Champagne, Merlot, or Cabernet? Let’s share a bottle this Valentine’s Day!
  32.  I was an owner of a lonely heart until I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  33. Your love makes me want to move mountains. But I can only move the shopping cart. Hope that’s okay, Valentine! 
  34. After meeting you, all I hear is Puccini and Chopin. Happy Valentine’s, sweetheart!
  35. Let’s cook up something tasty together this Valentine’s Day!
  36. I never knew what it meant to be struck by Cupid’s bow until I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my everything! 
  37. You’re the one in my plus one equals two equation. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  38. I heart you. I less than three you. Get it? Happy Valentine’s Day!
  39. Good friends are like wine and cheese. They taste more delicious with age. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  40. Time stands still when I’m with you. Let’s do nothing together this Valentine’s Day!
  41. Even doing nothing with you is something special. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  42. After meeting you, I feel like I won the lottery. Here’s to Lady Luck! Happy Valentine’s Day. 
  43.  I’ve only got eyes for you. Give my lips a chance to show you on Valentine’s Day.
  44. Roses are red, violets are blue, you’ve got a secret admirer who thinks you’re hot. I wonder who?
  45. Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.

We hope these Valentine’s Day greetings will make your special someone smile. If faith plays an important part of your relationship, check out our list of beautiful Bible verses for Valentine’s Day to include in your Valentine’s Day greeting. What Valentine’s Day message would you like to send to your secret crush?

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