Free Printable Valentine’s Squishy Toy Gift Favor Tags

Free Printable Valentines Squishy Gift Card

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March 5, 2023


Lemon and Kiwi

gSquishing you a happy Valentine’s day from our team at Lemon & Kiwi Designs! We were delighted to receive so much positive feedback from our readers about our free printable Valentine’s pop it gift favor tags last year, so this year we decided to continue spreading the love by designing a new set of free Valentine’s squishy toy Gift favor tags for you to print and use.

Last year we were obsessed with pop it fidget toys, but recently we’ve been inspired by the comeback of squishy toys (see our free printable Christmas squishy gift favor tags as an example). Squishies make the perfect Valentine’s gift favor to give out in the classroom to your kids’ friends and classmates because squishies are not only cute, they’re also super therapeutic stress relievers to play with. Your squishy toy gift favors will be made even better when paired with our cute free printable Valentine’s squishy gift favors (scroll down to download!)

Free Printable Valentine’s Squishy Gift Favor Tags (4 Squishy Designs)

Our free printable Valentine’s gift favor tags include 4 different designs with the below phrases. Two of them are colored gift favor tags while the other two designs are made in black and white in case you don’t have a color printer or are running low on color ink:

  • I Squish You A Happy Valentine’s Day (Color)
  • I Squish You A Happy Valentine’s Day (Black & White)
  • Happy Valentine’s Day To My Main Squeeze! (Color)
  • Happy Valentine’s Day To My Main Squeeze! (Black & White)

Valentine’s Squishy Toys

Cute Valentines Squishy Toys

We recommend getting small Valentine’s squishy toys that kids can easily carry in their backpacks to school or even attach as a keychain to their pencil cases and phone cases. Our favorite squishies (pictured above) for Valentine’s gift favors that are super affordable are:

How To Use These Valentine’s Squishy Gift Tags

These free printable Valentine’s Pop It gift tags are made to fit 3 gift tags on an A4 portrait sheet, but you can feel free to resize the gift tags according to your needs. After you size and print out the Valentine’s squishy gift tags, you can:

  • Staple it to the top of a clear treat bag
  • Punch a hole in a corner with a heart-shaped craft punch and attach a keychain ring (you can bulk order 100 keychain rings for $7 on Amazon here)
  • Punch a hole in a corner and tie a string or twine through the hole
  • Paste it onto colored craft paper and write a personalized message on the back

Download Free Printable Valentine’s Squishy Gift Favor Tags

Are you excited to make your own Valentine’s squishy gift favors? Simply click on the button below to download the free printable Valentine’s squishy toy gift favor tags to get started now!

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