Free Printable Heart-Shaped Compound Word Puzzles

Free Printable Heart Compound Word Puzzles

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March 5, 2023


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Valentine’s Day is all about bringing two halves of a shape together to form one complete and beautiful heart. Similarly, compound words are all about bringing two separate words and joining them together to create a completely new word with a different meaning. For example, the words “butter” and “fly” are two different words with two different meanings, but when combined together, they form another word, “butterfly”, which has a unique meaning on its own.

To make learning compound words fun for your junior Romeos and Juliets, we’ve created a set of free printable Valentine’s Day compound word puzzles that you can print to use at home or in the classroom. Although we initially designed these printable compound word puzzles for Valentine’s Day, you can actually use them any time of the year as hearts are everlasting (fun fact: “everlasting” is also a compound word!).

Free Printable Compound Word Puzzles

How To Use These Heart-Shaped Compound Word Puzzles

To create this fun Valentine’s Day literacy game for kids, all you need to do is scroll down to download and print out the compound word puzzles (it’s free!) and then cut out the heart shapes. After you’ve cut out the heart shapes, cut along the dotted lines through the middle of each heart so that you end up with 36 heart halves which will pair up to become 18 compound word hearts. You can then jumble up and mix up these halves and your students or children will have to pair up the correct halves to form the right compound words.

If you fancy playing cupid in the classroom, you can also give your students half a heart each and ask them to go around the classroom to find the student with the other matching half of the heart so that the pair of them can complete the mystery compound word together. For that purpose, we have included cute pictures of each word to help your kids complete these compound word puzzles.

Compound Word Puzzles For Kids

Compound words can be complex because of how long the words are. To get your little readers started with learning compound words, our free printable heart-shaped compound word puzzles include the following beginner compound words for kids:

  • Air + Plane = Airplane
  • Rain + Bow = Rainbow
  • Tooth + Brush = Toothbrush
  • Butter + Fly = Butterfly
  • Pan + Cake = Pancake
  • Star + Fish = Starfish
  • Sail + Boat = Sailboat
  • Pop + Corn = Popcorn
  • Fish + Bowl = Fishbowl
  • Cow + Boy = Cowboy
  • Bath + Tub = Bathtub
  • Gold + Fish = Goldfish
  • Sea + Shell = Seashell
  • Cup + Cake = Cupcake
  • Back + Pack = Backpack
  • Hair + Cut = Haircut
  • Straw + Berry = Strawberry

Here’s a preview of our fun free printable heart-shaped compound word puzzles (Scroll down the page to download these printable spelling games for free!).

Printable Heart Shaped Compound Word Puzzles 1
Printable Heart Shaped Compound Word Puzzles 3
Printable Heart Shaped Compound Word Puzzles 2

Download Free Printable Heart-Shaped Compound Word Puzzles

Simply click on the button below to download the PDF copies of these compound word puzzles for free (the Lemon & Kiwi Designs watermark will be removed as well).

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