Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids

Printable Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids

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March 31, 2023


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Journaling is a great way to help children express their feelings. Our printable daily gratitude journal for kids will help your children and students develop mindfulness and empathy by reminding them of all the great things in their lives. Even when they aren’t having the best days.

How to start a gratitude journal for kids

Getting your little ones to commit to journaling on a daily basis might at first seem like an impossible task. Especially if they don’t enjoy writing or sitting at their desks. That’s why we’ve designed our printable gratitude journal to be simple and fun for kids to use.

Each page only takes 3 mintutes to fill out so it will never feel like a chore. Every day is different, which is why every page has a different gratitude prompt or kindness activity to get your child to reflect on different topics.

So how does it work? Each page starts off with a space for your child to circle the day of the week and write the date. They then circle or color in the facial expression that best matches their mood for the day. Next, they can write one bullet point about what they are thankful for that day. Finally, the last box has a different fun gratitude prompt or kindness activity for them to enjoy. These gratitude prompts will encourage your child to write or draw different things that they are thankful for and will get them to explore different ways of experiencing gratitude in their lives.

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