10+ Kid-Friendly Wedding Games To Keep Children Entertained At Your Reception

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July 2, 2020


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Grown ups love to party but the wee ones can bore easily and get restless from sitting down at your wedding reception. Whether you’re hosting a large outdoor wedding on the lawn, an indoor banquet reception at a hotel, or a small private get-together at home, be sure to set up a dedicated area to keep children entertained on your big day. To help you plan your special day, we’ve rounded up a list of fun-filled wedding game ideas that kids will love. We have broken down the free wedding games for kids into the following categories:

  • Printable Wedding Games for Kids
  • Outdoor Wedding Games for Kids
  • Indoor Wedding Games for Kids
Free printable Wedding activity book for kids

Printable Wedding Games for Kids

Kids will need a way to stay occupied at the children’s table while the parents are busy socializing, dancing, and having a drink or two. These printable wedding games for children are not only the perfect resource to keep children entertained, they can also be used as cute gift favors for the little ones to take home after your event.

  • Wedding Activity Book: There’s a good reason why busy books for preschoolers were all the rage during the Covid-19 lockdown – because they really do a fantastic job at keeping the little ones busy, quiet, and entertained! Simply get some crayons and markers and download our free printable wedding activity book for kids to place at the children’s table at your wedding.

  • Wedding Do-A-Dot Sheets: Do-A-Dot sheets are another crowd favorite because dot paint markers are colorful, interactive, and mess-free. Download our set of free wedding do-a-dot sheets, get bingo markers or daubers, and let the little ones go dot-dot-dot.

  • Wedding Scavenger Hunt: Children can get antsy and restless from sitting down for long periods of time, so sending them off on a scavenger hunt can help them stay moving and engaged. Download our free wedding scavenger hunt, place them at the kids’ table, and away they go!

  • Wedding Bingo: Similar to the scavenger hunt idea, kids will love spotting different items at your big day with these printable wedding bingo cards. We suggest pairing these with the do-a-dot sheets so the kids can use their bingo markers and paint daubers for both wedding games.

  • Couple’s Coloring Book: Our free wedding activity book includes wedding-themed coloring pages but we recommend taking this up a notch by using a software like Really Color to turn your photos into coloring pages so that you can create your own personalized couple’s coloring book.

  • Paper Fortune Tellers: Also known as cootie catchers, these foldable paper chatterboxes or wedding fortune tellers can be customized with different questions, fortunes, or tasks specific to your wedding theme.
Bobbing For Donuts Wedding Game for Kids

Outdoor Wedding Games for Kids

If you’re having a garden or beach wedding, or if you’re planning a pretty outdoor reception, then a great way to entertain children on your big day is by organizing one or more of these fun-filled outdoor wedding games.

  • Wedding Piñata: Kids are little balls of energy (especially after eating all that wedding cake) and the perfect way for them to burn off that sugar rush is by taking a good whack or two at a wedding-themed piñata. Pick a piñata design that matches your wedding theme colors, features the couple’s initials, or one that looks like a wedding cake.

  • Giant Classic Games: Go big or go home! Perfect for garden wedding venues with large lawns, you can rent giant versions of classic tabletop games like giant dominoes, giant chess, giant Connect Four, giant Scrabble, and giant Jenga.

  • Hitched Hopscotch: Draw out a hopscotch grid for kids and let kids throw mini bean bags or painted stones (tip: make sure your bean bags or stones feature your wedding theme colors and the couple’s initials) and let the little ones jump from grid to grid.

  • Bobbing for Donuts: I’ll use any excuse to eat donuts! Use twine or string to hang donuts from tree branches, and get the little ones to try and eat the donuts off the string without using their hands. You can have the children challenge the adults by hanging donuts on both low branches and high branches so that guests of all ages can enjoy this yummylicious game. 
Wedding kids activity table

Indoor Wedding Games for Kids

Even if your wedding venue is in a small restaurant, you can still carve out a corner for a great indoor play area for children.

  • Lego Creations: Put Legos in a box at the children’s table and challenge your young guests to build creative centerpieces for your wedding. Be sure to get the larger-sized bricks with the Lego Duplo set if you have toddlers, while older kids can use the classic Lego bricks.

  • Crafts Table: Get crafting materials like stickers, stampers, markers, glitter glue, and stick-on foam and set up a DIY corner for kids to make wedding-themed crafts and cards. Be sure to check out our collection of free printable arts and crafts activities for kids to let the little ones make everything from bookmarks to paper animal puppets.

  • Chalkboard Games: Whether you’re using a chalkboard or a whiteboard, you can create easy erasable games for the children to play such as hangman, tic tac toe, and pictionary.
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