10 Funny Christmas Shirts You Need in 2023

10 Funny Christmas Shirts You Need in 2023

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November 30, 2021


Lemon and Kiwi

You will definitely have a holly jolly Christmas with these funny Christmas shirts for men and women! Whether you’re reading this article for inspiration on funny Christmas shirt ideas you can make yourself or looking for funny Christmas gift ideas you can give to your loved ones, we hope this roundup of 10 Funny Christmas shirts you need in 2023 give you and everyone a merry giggle over the holidays.

Perfect as stocking stuffers for boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or even yourselves, these funny Christmas tees literally made us laugh out loud. We selected a range of the top funniest Christmas shirts that will be equally funny whether you wear them to holiday parties or as funny Christmas pajamas at home.

10 Funny Christmas Shirts You Need in 2023

1. Baby It’s Covid Outside

Baby it’s cold outside…no wait, it’s COVID outside! This funny Christmas shirt has never been more relevant in the pandemic. (Get it on Amazon)

Baby Its Covid Outside Funny Tshirt

2. 2020 2021 2022 Third Time’s The Charm

Is 2022 finally going to be better than 2021 and 2022? This hilarious Christmas t-shirt is perfect for wearing to a New Year’s countdown party. (Get it on Amazon)

2022 Third Times the Charm Funny Tshirt

3. Fleece Navidad

A cute pun on “Feliz Navidad”, this adorable Christmas sheep shirt is wholesome and great for animal lovers. (Get it on Amazon)

Fleece Navidad Funny Christmas Tshirt

4. On The Naughty List And I Regret Nothing

Appropriate for all ages, this top is great as matching Christmas family holiday shirts or as matching Christmas tees for a Christmas pajama party – as long as everyone is on the naughty list! (Get it on Amazon)

On The Naughty List And I Regret Nothing Funny Christmas Tshirt

5. When I Think About You I Touch My Elf

Anyone who loves the song “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls will appreciate this funny ugly Christmas sweater. (Get it on Amazon)

When I Think About You I Touch My Elf Funny Christmas Sweater

6. Feliz Navidaddy

A hilarious pun on “Feliz Navidad”, this is the perfect funny Christmas shirt for hot boyfriends and husbands. (Get it on Amazon)

Feliz Navidaddy Funny Christmas Tshirt

7. 2021 – Better Than 2020. Still Would Not Recommend

Let’s face it, 2021 was only slightly better than 2020. Wear this funny Christmas shirt to a holiday gathering or New Year party and everyone will be agreeing with your review of the past year. (Get it on Amazon)

2021 Better Than 2020 Still Would Not Recommend Funny Tshirt

8. Sorry I Can’t I Have Plans With My Cat

Are you an introvert and/or a cat parent? Then this funny Christmas t-shirt is a hilarious way to get out of going to awkward holiday gatherings. (Get it on Amazon)

Sorry I Cant I Have Plans With My Cat Funny Tshirt

9. Dear Santa They Are The Naughty Ones

We are the nice ones, I swear! This funny Christmas shirt is a great stocking stuffer for cheeky boys and girls of any age. (Get it on Amazon)

Dear Santa They Are The naughty Ones Funny Christmas Shirt

10. I Do It For the Ho’s

A funny inappropriate Christmas shirt for the sarcastic guy or girl in your life. (Get it on Amazon)

I Do It For The Hos Funny Christmas Shirt

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