Free Valentine’s Day Cards to Color In {Printable Valentine’s Coloring Pages}


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January 11, 2021


Lemon and Kiwi

Do your kids love coloring and giving cards on special occasions? Then these free printable Valentine’s Day cards to color in will be perfect for your junior artists. In this blog article, we’re sharing 8 free designs of printable Valentine’s Day cards that your little ones can color in and then share with their classmates and friends this year (Scroll down to download for free!).

These fun Valentine’s Day cards for kids come with eight different black and white illustrations and punny messages so that your child can pick their favorite design and color them in with markers, coloring pencils, crayons, watercolors, or paint:

  • Cupcake (“You’re So Sweet!”)
  • Bumblebee (“Will You Bee Mine?”)
  • Rabbit / Bunny (“Some Bunny Likes You”)
  • Cats / Kittens (“You Are Purr-Fect”)
  • Whale (“Whale You Be Mine?”)
  • Unicorn (“You Are Magical”)
  • Dinosaure (“You’re Dino-Mite!”)
  • Owl (“Owl Be Yours”)

Below is a preview of our free printable Valentine’s Day cards to color in. You can download and print out the high resolution Valentine’s coloring pages at the bottom of this article.

Valentines Card Coloring Page 4
Valentines Card Coloring Page 2
Valentines Card Coloring Page 3
Valentines Card Coloring Page 1

Download free Valentine’s Day cards to color in

Are you and your children ready to color in these adorable Valentine’s Day coloring page cards? Simply click on the button below to download all 8 free printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids:

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