Free Under the Sea Playdough Mats (Printable PDF)

Printable Under the Sea Playdough Mats

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April 15, 2021


Lemon and Kiwi

Ahoy there matey! If you and your children are fans of the sea and want to learn more about ocean life, then they’re in for a treat! In this blog article we are sharing 7 free printable “Under the Sea” themed playdough mats that are designed to foster creativity by allowing children to complete the ocean-themed pictures in any way they like. (Scroll down to download the playdough mats for free!)

Ocean Playdough with Under the Sea Playdough Mats

We were inspired to make these printable playdough mats when we saw Our Little Treasures’ adorable Deep Sea Adventures playdough set. Ideal for sensory play and learning at home or in the classroom, their colorful playdough set will let your child’s underwater imagination run wild. It even comes with scented or unscented options!

For ideas on how to use our printable playdough mats, here are some pictures of how Our Little Treasures got little ones to develop their imagination and fine motor skills with our octopus and fish playdough mats (Scroll down to download our playdough mats for free!)

Octopus and Fish Playdough with Ocean Playdough Mat

What’s Included In These Printable Under the Sea Playdough Mats?

Our free printable Under the Sea playdough mats includes the following fun activities, some of which are in color and some of which are in black and white depending on your preference:

  • Create playdough jellyfish friends
  • Make a playdough dolphin
  • Build a playdough crab
  • Build a playdough octopus
  • Make a colorful playdough fish
  • Build a playdough starfish
  • Create an entire playdough ocean scene

Below is a preview of our entire Under the Sea-themed playdough mats book. Use the numbers below the gallery to see all the ocean playdough mats, and scroll down to download the complete pack of printable playdough mats for free:

Download Free Under the Sea Playdough Mats:

Are you and your little mermaids and mermen ready to build some ocean-themed playdough creations? Simply click on the button below to download our free printable Under the Sea playdough mats:

Colorful Fish Playdough with Ocean Playdough Mat

Want more free playdough mats?

If your kids enjoyed our aquatic-themed playdough mats, they’ll be sure to enjoy our other free printable playdough mats:

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