Free Printable Valentine’s Day Shaker Card (Bear Hugging A Heart)

Valentines Shaker Card Template

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January 11, 2022


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This un-bear-ably cute Valentine’s Day shaker card is super easy for kids to make with our free printable template. It’s designed to be a simple and fun Valentine’s Day craft for kids to cut out and put together (preschoolers might need some help from a grownup) and the best part is you can fully customize the background of the heart! We chose to put a starry origami paper in our example Valentine’s Day shaker card but you can get creative and put any message, drawing, or photo of your choice.

 Materials Needed For Free Printable Valentine’s Day Shaker Card

Valentines Shaker Card Template

How to Make This Beary Cute Valentine’s Day Shaker Card

  1. Download the free printable Valentine’s Day shaker card in the form below.
  2. Color in the bear head, paws, and feet.
  3. Cut out the bear paws (bear claws?) and bear feet with scissors.
  4. Cut out the rectangle surrounding the bear and heart. This will form the main shape of your card.
  5. Cut out the heart shape from the card, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  6. Flip the card around and place acetate or any kind of thin transparent plastic sheet onto the back of the cut file and adhere it with adhesive tape or glue.
  7. Stick the double-sided mounting foam tape around the heart. Be sure to not leave any gaps between the tape or else your sequins will fall out later.
  8. Pour glitter and sequins into the heart opening. Stay within the foam tape lines!
  9. Remove the release paper from the back of the double sided foam tape and place your background of choice (origami paper, wrapping paper, or a picture of your choice) onto the tape.
  10. Now flip the card again and shake it! After you’ve checked that it works, you can now glue on the bear paws and feet on top of the heart, overlapping the transparent part slightly, so that it looks like the bear is hugging the heart with its whole fuzzy body.
  11. Optional last step: You can then paste your entire card onto a colored card stock of your choice to give it a nice colored border.

Download Free Printable Valentine’s Day Beary Cute Shaker Card

Are you excited to make this bear-y cute Valentine’s Day shaker card? Simply click on the button below to download the printable Valentine’s Day shaker card template to get started now!

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