Free Printable Valentine’s Day Butterfly Candy Huggers


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January 11, 2022


Lemon and Kiwi

These colorful butterflies look so sweet (pun intended!) holding candy for Valentine’s Day. These free printable butterfly candy huggers are a great Valentine’s craft for preschoolers and elementary students to make and the end results are perfect for handing out to classmates and friends as a Valentine’s gift favor on Valentine’s Day.

With this printable free Valentine’s Day candy hugger template, your students and children get to make their own DIY butterflies that can hug candy or other small objects. This printable DIY Valentine’s candy hugger template for kids is a great Valentine’s Day craft activity to keep your little ones busy in the classroom or at home. They’ll get to practice their scissor cutting skills and showcase their creativity as they decorate their butterfly candy huggers.

What To Put In Valentine’s Day Candy Huggers

Even though they’re called candy huggers, you don’t have to put candy in the butterfly arms. You can put a top secret Valentine’s note or any small object that you think would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift favor. Here are our favorite things to put in these Valentine’s Day butterfly candy huggers:

Materials Needed For This Printable Valentine’s Day Butterfly Candy Huggers

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