Free Printable Shape Breathing Exercises (Deep Breathing Templates)

Free Shape Breathing Exercise Worksheets

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November 3, 2022


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Inspired by the popularity of our free finger tracing calm down cards in helping children to destress and relax, we have created a set of free printable shape breathing exercise templates that you can download for your children and students to use in the classroom, at home, or anywhere your little ones might feel anxious or irritable.

You may already be familiar with the box breathing or the square breathing technique, a simple but powerful relaxation technique where you repeatedly breathe in and breathe out in intervals of 4 seconds, imagining that you are drawing a square or box as you do this. This square breathing exercise is an easy way to help bring your breathing pattern to a relaxed rhythm.

Free Printable Shape Breathing Exercises

Our set of free printable deep breathing exercise templates for kids includes the following shape tracing worksheets to help children calm down:

  • Square breathing template
  • Star breathing template
  • Heart breathing template
  • Triangle breathing template
  • Pentagon breathing template
  • Hexagon breathing template
  • Star breathing template
  • Rectangle breathing template
Printable Shape Breathing Exercise Cards

How do kids use these free printable shape breathing exercise cards?

After you download and print out these free printable shape tracing calm down cards, you can laminate them to make them more durable (laminating the sheets is also great if you want to let kids trace the shapes with a washable marker instead of with their fingers). Then the next time your child or student begins to show signs of stress, discomfort, or anxiety, you can pass them these set of breathing exercise cards and instruct them kindly and gently to:

  • Find a quiet space in the house or classroom
  • Sit in a comfortable position with the cards in your child’s lap or on a table in front of them
  • Get them to choose a card and slowly trace the shape lines with their finger, while following the breathing instructions on each line to “breathe in”, “hold (your breath)”, or “breathe out”.
  • When they’re done with the first shape breathing card, they can either continue tracing the same shape again as sometimes kids find repetition soothing (or maybe they just really like that shape!) or they can go on to the next shape breathing calm down card to try following a new breathing pattern
  • After practicing these shape breathing exercises with our free shape tracing calm down cards, your little ones will feel much more relaxed, refreshed, and ready to continue with their day with a smile

Download Free Shape Breathing Exercise Templates

Our set of free breathing exercise cards includes a cover page and 7 shape breathing cards with colorful and pretty designs for your kids to enjoy shape tracing and deep breathing.  Download the complete set of printable shape tracing calm down cards for free below:

We hope your kids enjoy using these shape breathing templates! For more printable calm down activities or mindfulness worksheets, check out our free printable gratitude journal for kids and our free finger tracing calm down cards.

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