10 Free Printable Math Games for Preschoolers


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December 9, 2021


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Most preschoolers will find that learning math concepts can be challenging and sometimes boring, but it can be easily made fun once you gamify it, which is why kids love our free counting dot marker printable worksheets. Here are 10 free printable math games for preschoolers that will make learning mathematic concepts fun!

With fun printable math games, kids will absorb math skills so quickly that they won’t even realize that they’re learning and studying. Perfect for rainy days at home and fun for the whole family and classroom, our roundup of our favorite 10 free printable math board games will help preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary kids practice their counting, number recognition, multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division skills.

10 Free Printable Math Games for Kids

  1. Gumball Dice Game
  2. Learning Numbers Board Game
  3. Heart Addition Math Mat
  4. Subtraction Board Game
  5. Poppin’ Doubles Game
  6. Number Sense Bingo Game
  7. Teen Number Rainbow Clip Cards
  8. Simplifying Fractions Game
  9. Math Cootie Catchers
  10. Ice Cream Skip Counting Puzzles
Printable Gumball Dice  Math Game

Gumball Dice Game

This free printable Gumball Machine Dice Game from Glued To My Crafts is a great counting and number recognition game for preschoolers. By getting kids to roll the dice and count the number of colorful buttons or candy that should go into the gumball machine, your children will also get to learn bonus lessons on shape and color recognition.

Printable Addition Board Game

Learning Numbers Board Game

If you have preschoolers learning to count from 6 to 10, then this free printable Learning Numbers Board Game from Life Over Cs is a must-have. In this math board game, kids will cards, count the number of objects on the cards, and move their marker to the next space with the corresponding number.

Heart Addition Math Mat

Heart Addition Math Mat

This Heart Addition Math Game from Miss Mae’s Days is a great resource to pair with our highly popular free Valentine’s Day math activities. Print out the free math mat, grab some dice, and some colorful beads or heart-shaped candy to practice addition.

Printable Subtraction Board Game

Subtraction Board Game

This free printable Subtraction Race Board Game from The Measured Mom includes a colorful printable math board game as well as accompanying free subtraction flash cards to help kids in kindergarten and first grade practice basic operations.

Poppin Doubles Subtraction Game

Poppin’ Doubles Subtraction Game

Who doesn’t love popcorn or kettle corn? Your preschoolers and elementary students will be poppin’ with joy with this free printable math game called Poppin’ Doubles by Classroom Freebies, which helps kids to master core subtraction doubles facts and the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

Printable Number Sense Bingo Math Game

Number Sense Bingo Game

Understanding and recognizing numbers in different formats is a core skill that will help us from childhood through adulthood. This free printable Number Sense Bingo Game from Missing Tooth Grins will help build number sense for kids in preschool and first grade.

Rainbow Math Clip Cards

Teen Number Rainbow Clip Cards

Counting beyond 10 and into the teen numbers can be tricky for young learners. These free printable math flash cards called Teen Number Rainbow Clip Cards provide a fun and colorful hands-on learning activity for kids to count their teen numbers.

Printable Simplifying Fractions BINGO game

Simplifying Fractions Game

For a more advanced math game, this free printable math game for kids is a variation of BINGO to help students in elementary school to practice simplifying fractions. The Simplifying Fractions Game from You’ve Got This Math challenges students to find the greatest common factor to turn fractions into their simplest form.

Printable Math Cootie Catchers

Math Cootie Catchers

Also known as paper fortune tellers, cootie catchers are a fun hands-on way for kids get excited about learning math through play. These free printable Math Cootie Catchers from 123 Homeschool 4 Me include printable math game templates for preschoolers and elementary students to practice addition, subtraction, numbers, and doubling.

Printable Ice Cream Skip-Counting Match Puzzles

Ice Cream Skip Counting Puzzles

Learning how to skip count takes lots of practice and memorization and problem solving, but these free printable Ice Cream Skip Counting Puzzles from The Stem Laboratory make it fun for kids (and maybe it’ll make them ‘hungry’ to learn more math concepts through play!).

Want more free printable math activities?

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