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May 18, 2021


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Best Gratitude Journal For Kids

After three years and counting of challenging Covid times, it can be difficult to appreciate the positives in life. That’s why we designed a free printable gratitude journal for kids to make it easy for your little ones to express thankfulness for what they have in life.

In this article we’re delighted to share the following free gratitude printables for kids to help them write, paint, draw, and reflect on the people and things they appreciate the most. This journal includes the following gratitude activities for children (scroll down to download the gratitude journal PDF for free!):

  • Weekly gratitude journaling prompt (print this every week that you want to use it)
  • Write a letter to someone you are thankful for
  • Color in all the positive emotions on the page
  • Draw a portrait of someone you’re thankful for
  • Fill a gratitude jar with everything you’re grateful for
Gratitude Journal for Kids Gratitude Worksheet

Other Gratitude Activities For Kids

Children often irk at the idea of having to keep a “journal” and might confuse it with having additional homework to complete. Despite the word “journal” in the name gratitude journal, I want to make a point that you really don’t need to have a book to express gratitude!

There are many ways you can encourage your children to express appreciation. You can pin up gratitude prompts and charts on a bulletin board, stick it up on the fridge, or put it behind a glass frame to make it into a dry-erase board. Whatever you choose, I’d also recommend buying colorful stickers, stamps, markers, and crayons to make the gratitude activities more fun for children.

What’s Inside This Free Printable Gratitude Journal For Kids

Here’s a preview of some of the pages from our free printable gratitude journal for kids:

Gratitude Journal For Kids Jar
Gratitude Journal For Kids Letter
Gratitude Journal For Kids Draw Portrait
Gratitude Journal For Kids Positive Emotions

Download Free Gratitude Printables For Kids

Are you and your children ready to express your feelings and develop a positive attitude of gratitude? You can either get a ready-printed copy of The Best 3 Minute Gratitude Journal For Kids delivered to your home or if you want to print it out yourselves, simply click the button below to download all our free gratitude printables for kids:

Best Gratitude Journal For Kids

Want over 100+ more gratitude activities for kids?

If you’d like even more fun and wholesome gratitude activities for your children, then check out The Best 3 Minute Gratitude Journal For Kids which helps teach your kids mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, and empathy! The book includes over 100 days of gratitude prompts and kindness activities that let your kids express their appreciation in various ways.

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