Free Printable Funny Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards


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October 28, 2020


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Gratitude should be expressed all year round but it’s definitely one of the most defining traditions during Thanksgiving. In this blog article we are sharing a set of five free colorful gratitude cards that have funny fruit puns (Scroll down to download the complete pack of Thanksgiving literacy worksheets for free!).

These free thank you cards are a great way to let your friends and family members know why you’re grateful for them. These cards can either be printed on quality cardstock, or on regular printing paper which you can then paste onto a thicker cardstock for durability. If you can’t see your loved ones during the Thanksgiving holidays, you can fold up the card in half, slip them in an envelope, and mail them out to spread the joy.

Funny Printable Thank You cards

Our free printable Thanksgiving gratitude cards include the following punny designs:

  • Thanks A Melon!
  • Orange You Just The Best?
  • Thank You Berry Much!
  • Thanks A Bunch!
  • Thank You From My Head To-Ma-Toes

Download 5 Free Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards:

Below is a preview of our entire set of cute and funny thank you cards (scroll down to download the complete pack for free):

Banana Funny Printable Thank You cards
Watermelon Funny Printable Thank You cards
Tomato Funny Printable Thank You cards
Berry Funny Printable Thank You cards
Orange Funny Printable Thank You cards

Are your little ones ready to tell your loved ones that you’re thankful they’re in your life? Simply click on the button below to download our pack of free Thanksgiving gratitude cards:

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