Free Printable Easter Fold Out Card


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March 28, 2022


Lemon and Kiwi

This adorable Easter fold out card is super easy for kids to make with our free printable template (we know this because we received raving reviews from teachers and parents about our printable Valentine’s fold out cards). Not only will preschoolers and elementary students enjoy making this easy and fun Easter craft for kids, they will also find it mesmerizing to watch their interactive DIY Easter cards transform from one image to another.

So what design did we create for this printable Easter fold out card? This printable Easter card has a cute Easter egg shape for the card cover and it opens up to an adorable rabbit holding a paintbrush next to two pretty Easter eggs and a greeting that says “Happy Easter”.

Materials Needed To Make Easter Fold Out Cards

Download Free Printable Easter Fold Out Cards

Are you excited to make this adorable interactive Easter card? Simply click the button below to download the printable Easter fold out card template to get started now!

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