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October 31, 2022


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My favorite part about Easter is collecting (and eating) chocolate eggs! And what better way to carry all these yummy chocolate eggs than with a pretty DIY Easter basket? In this blog article, we are happy to share a free printable Easter basket template that you and your little bunnies can download and decorate as you wish.

Why do you give chocolate eggs at Easter?

Did you know that the tradition of giving and receiving Easter eggs actually dates back to the Middle Ages? For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ and marks the end of Lent, a 40-day period where back in the Middle Ages, Christians refrained from eating meat as well as eggs. At that time, eggs were decorated and it was customary to save eggs until the end of this fasting period. This tradition evolved and the Easter chocolate egg started to appear in the 18th century and was perfected in the 19th century with chocolate moulds and better chocolate making equipment and techniques. Today, people continue to celebrate this tradition of giving chocolate Easter eggs during spring. 

Materials Needed To Make Easter Basket

How to Make Paper Easter Basket 

  1. Download and print out our free Easter basket template (scroll down to download)
  2. Color in the Easter pictures on the Easter basket and the handle.
  3. Cut out and fold the flaps.
  4. Glue the sides together to make a cube-shape, and glue the handle to your paper Easter basket. You can also use tape or staples to attach the handle.
  5. Fill your box with Easter chocolate eggs and Easter goodies!

Download Free Printable Easter Basket Template

Are you excited to make this cute Easter basket? Simply fill out the form below to download the printable Easter basket craft template to get started now!

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