Free Printable Christmas A-Z Coloring Book

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Book for Kids with A to Z Words

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November 19, 2020


Lemon and Kiwi

From bright festive lights to beautiful decorative tree ornaments, adding color to your Christmas scene is a must! In this blog article we’re sharing a free downloadable coloring book that includes 26 pages of holiday-themed words and coloring activities.

We initially designed this printable book for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary, but teenagers and adults who love art and the holiday season will enjoy this book too! (Scroll down to download the complete pack of Christmas coloring pages for free!)

Christmas Coloring Book for Kids A to Z Words

What’s Inside This Free Christmas Coloring Book?

Our free printable Christmas coloring activity book includes the following 26 holiday-themed coloring pages featuring Christmas words from A-Z. We got our inspiration for Christmas English vocabulary from Luke’s English Podcast (be sure to check out his podcast for more festive Christmassy words!).

Each page includes a coloring page as well as a letter tracing activity for that word so your little ones can practice their handwriting and spelling skills:

  • A: Angel
  • B: Bow
  • C: Candy Cane
  • D: Decorations
  • E: Elf
  • F: Frosty
  • G: Gingerbread Man
  • H: Holly
  • I: Ice Skating
  • J: Jingle Bells
  • K: Kings (We Three Kings)
  • L: Lights
  • M: Mittens
  • N: Nutcracker
  • O: Ornaments
  • P: Present
  • Q: Queen
  • R: Reindeer
  • S: Santa Claus
  • T: Tree
  • U: Unwrap
  • V: Vacation (Christmas Holiday)
  • W: Winter
  • X: Xmas
  • Y: Yuletide
  • Z: Zesty

Download Free Christmas A-Z Coloring Book:

Below is a preview of our entire Christmas-themed coloring activity book (click on the numbers below the gallery to view all of the Christmas coloring pages from A through Z, then scroll down to download the entire PDF Christmas coloring book for free):

Are you and your children or students ready to bring color to these beautiful Christmas coloring pages? Simply click on the button below to download our pack of free Christmas printable coloring activities:

Christmas Activity Book for Kids

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