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May 31, 2021


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Whether you’re hosting a princess themed birthday for your little ones or simply looking for a way to keep the little ones busy, these free printable animal mix and match puzzles are the perfect quiet busy book activity for princess lovers.

The purpose of these self-correcting princess puzzles is to teach children how to “complete” the princess pictures, but I like to let children use their imaginations to make unique princess combinations. This way, their princesses can have different hair colors and gowns of their choosing.

Not only are these puzzles great for teaching children problem solving skills by sorting out colors and matching them, puzzles are also great for helping little ones to improve their fine motor skills.

To get started, simply download the free princess mix and match puzzles below (available in a PDF format), print out the pages, cut the pictures along the dotted lines, and then jumble up all the puzzle pieces so that your kids can enjoy sorting out all the pieces to complete the puzzles. If you want to make these puzzles more durable, you can laminate the cut outs or print the images on a hard card stock paper.

Download Free Princess Mix and Match Puzzles:

This free printable activity includes a mixture of Disney princesses (Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Cinderella, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella) as well as other beautiful princesses with tiaras and glittery gowns.

Below is a preview of all the printable princess mix and match puzzles available in this collection (use the left and right arrows to view more images, and scroll down this page to download the complete pack for free):

Are you and your children or students ready to try completing these princess-themed mix and match puzzles? Simply click on the button below to download our pack of free princess printable mix and match activities:

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