Free Christmas Playdough Mats {10 Printables!}


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November 27, 2020


Lemon and Kiwi

Tis the season to be jolly, and tis the season for the kids to relax and have “dough” much fun! In this blog article we are sharing 10 free printable Christmas playdough mats that are designed to foster creativity by allowing children to complete the holiday pictures in any way they’d like. (Scroll down to download the complete pack of Christmas playdough mats for free!)

I absolutely love and encourage the use of playdough mats at home and in the classroom because they’re reusable, an amazing learning resource, and easy to clean so that you avoid having to deal with a big doughy mess afterwards.

Christmas Playdough Mat Gingerbread Man

While I know these are called “playdough” mats, you can honestly use any artistic materials to decorate the images, such as buttons, markers, pom pom balls, yarn, and stickers. To get started with this fabulous activity, all you need to do is print out these free printable Christmas playdough mats and laminate them so that they are wipeable and reusable (scroll down to download them!).

What’s Included In These Free Christmas Playdough Mats?

Our free printable Christmas playdough mats feature the following holiday-themed activities:

  • Gingerbread Man Playdough Mat
  • Snowman Playdough Mat
  • Christmas Tree Playdough Mat
  • (Ugly or Beautiful) Christmas Sweater Playdough Mat
  • Christmas Present Playdough Mat
  • Christmas Ornaments Playdough Mat
  • Gingerbread House Playdough Mat
  • Christmas Stocking Playdough Mat
  • Reindeer Playdough Mat
  • Christmas Wreath Playdough Mat

Download Free Christmas Playdough Mats:

Below is a preview of our entire collection of Christmas-themed playdough mats (scroll down to download the complete set for free):

Are you and your children or students ready to enjoy this a-“dough”-rable Christmsa activity? Simply click on the button below to download our pack of free Christmas printable playdough mats:

Want more free Christmas printables?

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