Free 2023 Printable Calendars (11 Printable One-Page Calendar Templates)

Free Printable 2023 Calendars

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March 5, 2023


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Cute Free Printable 2023 Calendar

Starting the year right begins with proper planning for the 12 months to come. That’s why we’re sharing 11 cool designs of free printable 2023 calendars that you can easily print from your home, school, or office computers.

Some of our free printable 2023 one-page calendars include cute graphics, bold colors, and girly kawaii designs, which students might like, while some of our other 2023 printable calendars are designed to look more professional and modern for the office. We also included a plain black and white printable 2023 calendar design in case you don’t have a color printer (and also this gives you the freedom to decorate the calendar as little or as much as you like!).

Our collection of free 2023 calendar templates are all single pages and made in A4 portrait size, but you can easily print these free 2023 calendar designs on standard U.S. letter paper too. You can do this by selecting the “Fit to page” or “Reduce/Enlarge” options in your printer’s preferences so that our free printable 2023 calendar designs proportionally resize to fit the paper size that you’ve selected.

Below is a preview of our collection of free printable 2023 one page calendars (click on the numbers below the gallery to view all of the designs and scroll down to the form to download all 11 PDF calendar designs for free):

If you happen to be a teacher or have children of your own, we also encourage you to download our free 2023 goal setting worksheets which includes goal planning activities for students, a fun classroom bingo poster for kids to achieve their annual pre-k goals, as well as free printable reading goal charts for your little ones to track how many books they’ve read in the year.

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