The Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her

Best Valentine's Day Ideas For Her

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January 26, 2022


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With the season of love right around the corner, it’s time to thinking about the best Valentine’s day ideas for her to feel loved and special. Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th every year and is the perfect time to appreciate your better half, make her feel loved, and pamper her. With love radiating in the air and across every possible social platform, you’ll need to level up your game to shower her with your love and affection.

Gone are the days of giving your wife or girlfriend a simple box of chocolates or a generic bouquet of flowers. Modern romance and modern times require special intimate and unique efforts as a symbol of love that will make your Valentine’s Day extra Instagram or TikTok-worthy. Check out our list of the most popular Valentine’s day gift ideas for her in 2022:

The Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her in 2022

Memory Map Valentines Gift

Memory Maps

The newest addition in the customization market is memory maps. Custom memory maps mark a location or a route that is dear to you and your loved one. This is a memorable and thoughtful Valentine’s gift and all you have to do is pick the perfect location. This location can be the restaurant where you had your first date, your first kiss, where you live together, or your common hanging out point – any place that holds great value in your hearts. If you live or have traveled to the States, we also recommend this extra cool retro personalized travel memory map where you can personalize a U.S. photo map with photos of the States you’ve been to. (Buy now on Amazon)

Date Coupon Cards Valentines GIft

Date Coupons / Date Codes

Date codes can be posters or coupons – handmade or bought – that hold different date ideas that you will both indulge in. Think of date ideas that you may do on a regular basis, like going on walks together, or one-off romantic experiences to spoil your Valentine, like a luxury spa activity. Date coupons are a great way to have different pleasurable experiences together for the rest of the year. (Buy now on Amazon)

Handwritten Notes as Souvenirs or Personalized Jewelry

Another perfect intimate Valentine’s gift to give is your handwriting. Write a sweet romantic phrase, and turn it into an accessory. It can be a pendant, a bracelet, or even a keychain. This would be a sweet and functional gift for her that she can wear with her wherever she goes and be reminded of your thoughtful message. (Buy now on Amazon)

Wellness Kit Gift Valentines Gift

Wholesome Wellness Kit

Think aromatic candles, bubble baths, soft textures – and an indulgent self-care theme. Draw her a bath, or set a decor theme for a peaceful evening with her favorite book or movie. This Valentine’s gift idea is a way to appreciate your partner for all that she does for you by letting her relax and unwind. (Buy now on Amazon)

Subscription Boxes

What’s better than a gift? Multiple regular gifts! By subscribing to a subscription gift box service, your partner will likely receive a gift box every month. It means surprise, joy, and anticipation for every month, making this the best Valentine’s gift option for women who like to be surprised regularly and knowing that you’re committed to them for the long run. The best part about this idea is that there are many different subscription boxes available out there. You choose one as per your preference depending on what your special lady enjoys – be it books-based, beauty-based, food-based, craft-based, or even a combination of different things.

Digital Photo Frame Valentines Gift

Digital Photoframe

We all are obsessed with pictures. We capture every next moment but hardly get the time to revisit the memories, except when we’re scrolling through TikTok videos and Insta stories. With a digital photo frame, you get to revisit your old memories and easily display multiple photos of your choice. You can set aside the photos you want the frame to show depending on your mood or you can even get creative by displaying a slideshow of romantic Valentine’s greetings. (Get it on Amazon)

Customized Accessories

Showing your Valentine that you know what she personally likes will show her that you’ve put careful thought into her Valentine’s gift. Customized accessories can be bookmarks with quotes of her favorite characters or accessories that relate to her favorite character. These can also be keychains with lyrics that she likes or an inside joke you share.

Revisit Your Vows

Whether you’re married or not, all couples share vows in some way. These can be the vows from your wedding ceremony or promises that you have made to each other in moments of joy and love. These promises or vows can be framed or printed on a custom photo canvas for a sweet place in your home’s decor as a romantic and thoughtful gift for her this Valentine’s Day. (Get it on Amazon)

Cook Her An Exotic Meal

Cooking in itself is an intimate activity so one way to wow her this Valentine’s Day is to plan a cooking experience for you to share as a fun bonding activity. Another option is to plan ahead and prepare an exotic meal for her as a surprise Valentine’s dinner date. This meal should be connected to dishes that she likes but include special twists that she hasn’t tried before. This meal will then become her favorite memory of Valentine’s Day.

Personalized Bracelet Valentines Gift

Gift Her Jewelry

Jewelry never goes out of style for a woman. You can try different trends like tennis studs or butterfly stones or you can even get a customized engraved carving on a bracelet as a Valentine’s gift. Jewelry is always a safe option as a symbol of love and gratitude. To avoid being generic about your jewelry gift, you should pick colors that she likes or charms and rocks that hold a special meaning for your relationship.

 Musical Journey

If your Valentine loves a good song, then make a personalized playlist for her with the songs and artists of her choice, and take it to the next level by dancing to these songs together on Valentine’s Day. Pick a song that she absolutely loves, and prepare some moves for it. You can extend this cute Valentine’s gift idea by combining it with a romantic dinner or a walk around somewhere special for the two of you.

There are many different ideas for Valentine’s so there’s nothing stopping you from combining them as well. The most important thing is to pay attention to your partner and express your love for them in a way that is unique to how others would show their love for their partners. Focus on the little things that she does and the little things that she likes. Show your gratitude, hug them tightly, or send a loving video message to them if you’re separated by distance. In the end, it all is about love.

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