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June 25, 2020


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How many times have you heard or said the phrase “A is for Apple”? What about B, C, and all the way to Z? Learning beginning phonics and knowing how to recognize the initial sounds of words are essential for kids to build core literacy skills before they can eventually spell complete words and then form entire sentences.

We know our Lemon & Kiwi subscribers love our alphabet Do-A-Dot printables and our larger collection of free Do-A-Dot activities so we’ve created a set of free Phonics Beginning Sound Do-a-Dot Worksheets that you can download in this article. In this free activity book, Pre-K and Kindergarten students can use their daubers to practice finding letters that match the beginning sound of the corresponding picture.

This set of free “Beginning Sounds” printables includes 4 super fun do-a-dot worksheets to help preschoolers practice word recognitions for food, fruits, vegetables, shapes, and animals. Here’s a preview of all the free beginning sounds do-a-dot worksheets. You can download our complete pack of beginning sounds do-a-dot printables for free at the bottom of this article.

Beginning Sounds Dot Marker Printable Worksheet 1
Beginning Sounds Dot Marker Printable Worksheet 2
Beginning Sounds Dot Marker Printable Worksheet 3
Beginning Sounds Dot Marker Printable Worksheet 4

How To Use These Free Printable Do-A-Dot Worksheets

These beginning sounds do-a-dot worksheets allow preschoolers to grow their vocabulary, work on letter recognition, beginning sounds, and fine motor skills! Prep work is pretty much non-existent with these free printable worksheets. All you need to do is download the activity book by filling out the form above, then print out the free beginning sounds printables, gather up your markers, and then have your little one “paint” the correct first letter of the object in the picture.

Do-A-Dot markers can be found at your neighborhood Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, and Target. If you don’t live near one of these stores, you can easily get a set online:

Download Beginning Sounds Do-A-Dot Worksheets

You can download our complete pack of beginning sounds do-a-dot printables for free by clicking on the ‘Download Here’ button below. If you and your kiddos like these beginning sounds do-a-dot worksheets, be sure to head on over to our digital library of free literacy resources and activities for children and follow our Do-A-Dot Pinterest Board.

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