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June 2, 2020


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My preschoolers absolutely loved learning numbers with our free counting do-a-dot printables, so I decided to create these free “Spot and Dot” alphabet do-a-dot printables to help them build beginner literacy skills (scroll down to download!).

Children who are starting to learn the alphabet can often mix up similar-looking letters, such as O’s and Q’s, U’s and V’s, and C’s and D’s. Our free “Spot and Dot” alphabet do-a-dot printables will help kids recognize the subtle differences between alphabets.

Whether it’s for classroom homework, summer learning, distance learning, extra practice, or just for fun, our pack of free “Spot and Dot” alphabet do-a-dot practice sheets will set your kids on the right path to start reading and writing .

Washable Ink Stampers for Dot Marker Activities

How To Use These Alphabet “Spot and Dot” Worksheets

To use these alphabet “Spot and Dot” do-a-dot worksheets, you’ll need to have a set of colorful daubers or bingo markers ready. Some of our favorite tools to use with these worksheets include:

If you don’t want to use daubers with these worksheets, you can also use any other small and colorful item, such as stickers, magnets, or even M&M’s! Whatever you use, the key is to ensure this activity is kept interactive, colorful, and as creative as possible.

Download Free Alphabet Spot and Dot Worksheets

This set of free alphabet “Spot and Dot” printables includes 26 super fun do-a-dot worksheets that will have your children spotting all the alphabets from A to Z. Here’s a preview of all the free alphabet do-a-dot worksheets (click the numbers below the gallery to see all the printable alphabet spot and dot activities).

You can download our complete pack of uppercase alphabet do-a-dot printables for free by clicking on the ‘Download Here’ button below:

After your little preschooler has mastered their ABC’s with these free spot and dot alphabet do-a-dot printables, be sure to download more activities from our collection of 100+ free do-a-dot printable activities for children.

Looking for more alphabet and spelling worksheets for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids in pre-k or kindergarten? Check out our Free Literacy Activities for Kids to get worksheets for children to practice their reading and writing skills.

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