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May 25, 2020


Lemon Kiwi

My preschoolers love using dot markers! If you haven’t heard of or used them before, dot markers or bingo markers, also referred to as daubers, are thick markers that can be used to dab and make colorful dots on paper.

Dot markers aren’t only super fun for kids because of their pretty colors, they’re also great for children to practice their hand grip and other fine motor skills. Dot markers were originally designed as washable paint markers for coloring sheets but there are thousands of other do-a-dot worksheets that help children learn more about letters, numbers, and other fun thematic ideas (check out Lemon & Kiwi’s Do-A-Dot Pinterest Board for all our ideas). In this article we show you how to get started with do-a-dot worksheets and round up some of our favorite do-a-dot books and free do-a-dot printables for kids. In this article, we cover the following questions about dot markers:

  • Where can I get Do-A-Dot markers near me?
  • Alternatives to Do-A-Dot markers
  • Do-A-Dot Activity Books
  • Free ABC Alphabet Do-A-Dot Printables
  • Free Do-A-Dot Coloring Pages
  • Free Math Do-A-Dot Printables
  • Free Sight Words Do-A-Dot Printables
Royal Shimmer Dot Markers

Where can I get Do-A-Dot markers near me?

Before you get started, you’ll first need to get your kids a set of dot markers. Do-A-Dot markers can be found at your neighborhood Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, and Target. If you don’t live near one of these stores, you can easily get a set online:

Dot markers from the original Do-A-Dot Art store can be on the pricey end, so you can consider using alternative dauber brands or old-but-gold bingo markers as alternatives. You can even make your own DIY dot markers! Our favorite dot marker brand alternatives are:

Alternatives to Dot Markers

Don’t feel like you have to be limited to using markers and daubers for Do-A-Dot worksheets either! I get my kids to try different materials so that they can enjoy sensory play and practice different fine motor skills. Some of my favorite materials to use with these Do-A-Dot printable activities include:

Alternatives to Dot Markers

Do-A-Dot Activity Books

If you don’t have your own printer at home, there are plenty of amazing Do-A-Dot books available online that are packed full of worksheets that teach children about numbers, letters, shapes, and coloring skills. Some bestselling Do-A-Dot activity books for kids include:

Alphabet Dot Marker Worksheet

Free ABC Alphabet Do-A-Dot Printables

These alphabet do-a-dot printables are a super fun way for your kids to get creative and learn their ABC’s at the same time. If you like these printables, you’ll definitely love our other free literacy worksheets and activities for kids.

Spring Dot Marker Coloring Pages

Free Do-A-Dot Coloring Pages

With their bright, vibrant colors, dot markers are perfect for filling up fun coloring pages. If your budding artist can’t get enough of the below creative do-a-dot printables, then they’ll definitely love our other free coloring pages and arts and craft activities for kids. Depending on what season or holiday your family is celebrating, or what your child’s latest obsession is, there are plenty of free do-a-dot coloring pages made for any theme you can imagine:

Free Counting Dot Marker Printable Activities

Free Math Do-A-Dot Printables

Kids will love learning numbers, counting, and solving basic arithmetic skills with the following do-a-dot math printables. If your little mathematician enjoys these printables, be sure to download our other free math worksheets and activities for kids too.

Sight Words Dot Marker Activity

Free Sight Words Do-A-Dot Printables

Dab and spell! These sight word do-a-dot printables offer a fun way to enrich your child’s vocabulary and improve their reading and spelling skills. If you like these printables, you’ll love our other free literacy worksheets and activities for kids.

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