10 Free Printable Wedding Activities for Guests


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September 10, 2020


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There are plenty of kid-friendly wedding games to keep children entertained at your reception, but how about your adult guests? In this article we are sharing 10 free printable wedding activities and games that your wedding attendees will never tire of playing. Just print out your favorite wedding activities below, put them in a cute basket centerpiece, add some markers and crayons, and you’re ready to go!

10 Free Wedding Printable Activities

  • How well do you know the Bride and Groom?
  • I Spy Scavenger Hunt
  • Guess Who? He Said / She Said
  • Children’s Wedding Activity Book
  • Wedding Bingo
  • Wedding Mad Libs
  • Wedding Do-A-Dot Activity Book
  • Kids Placemat
  • Newlyweds Advice Cards
  • Fortune Teller (Cootie Catcher)
How Well Do You Know the Groom Wedding Activity
How Well Do You Know The Bride Wedding Activity

1. How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?

Every wedding guest has a special connection with the bride and groom – some are family, others are colleagues, classmates, neighbors, or maybe even flatmates at some stage in the couple’s life. Show the bride and groom how well you know them by answering the fun questions in this printable game, and the couple will enjoy reading all the answers afterwards. You can download Lemon & Kiwi Designs’ “How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom” printables for free here:

I Spy Printable Wedding Game

2. I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Fun for guests of all ages, this printable wedding-themed I Spy game will get everyone moving around the venue to try and be the first to spy all the items on the scavenger hunt list.

Guess Who Wedding Game Printable

3. Guess Who? He Said / She Said

As a wedding guest you’re more likely to know either the bride or the groom quite well – but how well do you know what they’re like in their relationship? In this fun and hilarious printable game, guests have to guess whether the bride or groom is the answer to questions like who is messier? Who is more spontaneous? And who was the first to say “I love you”? You can download Lemon & Kiwi Designs’ “Guess Who (He Said / She Said)” printable game for free here:

4. Children’s Wedding Activity Book

Don’t forget the wee ones will want to join in the fun too! Lemon & Kiwi Designs’ free children’s wedding activity book is packed full of fun activities. With over 15 pages of coloring pages, scavenger hunt and maze activities, and do-a-dot worksheets, your young guests will be so delighted you thought of them too.

Wedding Bingo Printable Activity

5. Wedding Bingo

Similar to playing I Spy, you can print out free wedding bingo cards along with a bingo marker and place them at every guest’s seat. Guests will have to mark out whatever they can spot at your reception until the first person shouts Bingo!

Wedding Mad Libs Printable Activity

6. Wedding Mad Libs

The guests will have lots of fun filling out these free printable wedding mad libs. It’s a great icebreaker for guests to have some laughs with the people they’re sharing a table with and the newlyweds will love reading the completed “wed libs” after the celebrations are over.

7. Wedding Do-A-Dot Activities

While the adults are playing Wedding Bingo, the little ones can have fun using bingo markers or paint daubers at the children’s table too with Lemon & Kiwi Designs’ free do-a-dot wedding activity sheets.

Wedding Kids Placemat

8. Wedding Activity Placemat For Kids

A big part of wedding planning is thinking about your place setting and table setting. Thankfully, kids don’t really care about what color the napkins are because they just want to have fun! Download this free kids’ wedding placemat and lay out some crayons or coloring pencils at the children’s table to keep the little ones busy.

Printable Newlywed Advice Cards

9. Newlywed Advice Cards

Getting married is a big milestone in life so you’ll want to make sure you can get some sound advice to make your marriage as smooth sailing as possible. Get a mason jar, some pens, and display these free printable newlywed advice cards on a table so that guests can give their marriage tips and words of wisdom to put in the jar.

Fortune Teller Wedding Printable Activity

10. Wedding Fortune Teller (Cootie Catcher)

Paper fortune tellers, also known as cootie catchers, are great fun for guests of all ages. Download one of these free printable cootie catcher templates and watch your friends and family answer questions, tell each other’s fortunes, enjoy brain teasers, or solve riddles.

We hope you and your guests enjoy all the free printable wedding activities. For more wedding inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

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